Today I passed my driving test (it ‘twas the first try). So, now I have my junior license. I was pretty nervous for the test, and the instructor wouldn’t let me parallel park like I had practiced, so I ended up lightly hitting the curb and I had to back up several times to get it right (and he didn’t even check my distance from the curb...which I practiced hard to get close...) but I don’t care, ‘cause I passed! Yay!

Oh, and this is my 100th post. So...yay, again.


July Update

Last week, as you probably already heard from my mom’s blog, both the Tok'ra and I were at a band camp. I really liked that camp: it was small, but you got a lot of personal advice as a musician, and the last time I was at a band camp, Penn State...well...the trombonist instructor there was super mean, so having a nice one instead was a great change :D. Though, they kept us up really late the night before our final concert, so I don’t think we did as well as we could have...which makes me really mad, but oh, well.

Tomorrow’s meh birthday...yay...but it’s kinda scary too. I mean...another year older and stuff...

And then the next day my sister, my dad, and I will head down to Baltimore for Otakon, which is a huge anime convention, the only one like it on the eastern coast. Here’s a picture of the costume I’ll be wearing (‘cause when you go to one of these...you should always dress up ;D). My mom made this awesome costume out of clothing we found at the Salvation Army. Thanks, mom!:

The character I’m dressing up as is named Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He’s actually about my height and always gets teased for being short...so that’s why I picked him :P. Though, he has blonde hair, and I lack a wig...but next year I’ll be sure to have the wig :).

Edit: Also, although it doesn’t look as nice squished up small, I made myself a new image-thingy that I think came out pretty well, being all done in Macromedia Flash MX...though, only in the full version. The symbol on the hat's supposed to resemble what the first prime Jaffa has on his forehead, and I used the astrological sign of Leo 'cause I'm a lion (despite myself being Cancer...how unfortunate, eh?)


R.I.P., Dear Chatham

I thought today, the day of the last episode of SG-1 could not get any worse. My family’s dear 20-year-old Siamese cat Chatham has been put to sleep today. I was hoping to experience my first moments of life without him at college, with the hopes of being able to visit him again. However, now I can only be at peace knowing that he is no longer suffering from the many pains he had in his old age. At least he got to spend some of his last happy hours basking in the sun, which he loved so much.

Please, rest in peace, Chatham. You are much loved.


Drum Major...-ing

For the past few weeks I have been going through drum major training [along with meh sister]. We’ve had three sessions of lessons, and tonight was our auditions [although meh sister didn’t try out; she just wanted to learn the skills]. I actually thought I did pretty well, though I got flustered during the interview [right after I told them I got flustered easily...lol].

Anyway, the audition consisted of conducting to the tape of Battle Hymn [which is the song the band played in the memorial day parade], then we had to draw strips of papers and choose how we were to conduct a scale [mine was the easiest: a whole rest then a cue to start playing on one; I really wanted the cue on three...for some reason]. The rest of the drum majors played their instruments while the others conducted [it ‘twas interesting...two flutes, a trombone, a trumpet, and bells...]. Afterwards we went out and each of us had come prepared with a block which we instructed the others to do, and we would be judged on our marching was well. MAN, I wasn’t that good because it’s been a while since I did most of that stuff...but then we were instructed to command a new block on the stop, which I did okay on...I slightly messed up, but I recovered...and THEN was the interview, which I thought went well besides me being flustered.

Everyone I’ve talked to said it was between me and the trumpet player for drum major...so maybe I’ll get it...maybe I won’t. [One of the flutes was last year’s senior drum major and was there to give the staff her opinion, and the other flutist was last year’s junior drum major, so she’s guaranteed a spot.]

If not drum major, I really want to be the trombone section leader :D.


New Season of Stargate

WOW, Stargate!! Yeah, I’m pretty cool with the latest episodes, especially since Lucius Loving said “OW!”. He’s a real jerk and probably my least favorite person...ever. But...I’m mostly looking towards next Friday’s episodes, with Daniel becoming a Prier/Prior (sp?) and McKay getting a super ego. That’ll be super fun...:P.


...And then there was a lack of light!

“After Act I, what happens next?”

Well, no one quite expected the spectacular, but obviously not purposeful, light show that followed. Every light flashed on and off randomly, until it all rested in darkness until emergency lights came on temporarily. The Cat and the Hat who had posed the question shrugged, while the audience and orchestral pit got a rather large chuckle out of the matter. However, it became rather distressing to both the pit and the cast when we attempted to continue and the lights again “stole the spotlight” of Seussical the Musical, and then the school was notified that there was a transformer fire that was causing power failure throughout our town. The fire department was to bring light to help us continue, but they deemed it too dangerous to continue so they evacuated the audience, pit, and cast from the building. It was then we had an opportunity to see outside, which we saw it was raining quite hard...

But this reminded us all of last year, when the sound board was busted, and the audience had to wait an hour for the show to start. At least we could finish it...but this year, with an audience even larger, we couldn’t...so the musical will have another showing today...

OH, but besides the musical, I can now do “doubles” on DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). It is when you use two dance pads for one person, and let me tell you it is hard...


Oh, what a morning!

[Well, here’s a post before both Halloween and St. Patrick’s day, for those who requested one ;) ]

Today at school I had to go in early because a club I am in meets Wednesday mornings. I enter the building, and no one is there, not even the secretaries at their desks, but this is normal; at my school, bandies are usually the only punctual people, and everyone else tends to be what I like to call L-A-T-E (and yes, the previous statement was an slight exaggeration). It was at that time two or so minutes before the usual meeting time and the teacher in charge just arrived and I am still the only member present (again, this is quite normal). He chuckled and said, “Well, you’re going to be waiting for a while...” and I replied “yeah...” with a half-chuckle, knowing that the other members usually didn’t arrive for a while after the meeting was suppose to start. Then, he offered to open the door of the classroom so I could sit in it, and I replied, “No, I’ll be fine.” I actually enjoyed sitting in the hallway tucked behind the end of a row of lockers, because it was a lot less awkward than sitting in an empty classroom. However, still this was a strange question for him to ask! The others usually did not take that long to arrive, and he should start preparing for the meeting at that moment anyway! Still, he walked away and I went back to studying for the math test I had later in the day. After he turned the corner I suppose he met up with a few other teachers, for they began a rather loud conversation (not intentionally loud, however). I was trying to ignore them and study...well...that is until I heard three little words: “one hour delay”.

I froze; “...ONE HOUR DELAY?!?!” my head screamed; I quickly stood up and rushed to the high school office in hope of being able to call home, but no one was there...I quickly rushed to the middle school office, but alas! No one was there either! With the sense of defeat in my heart, I went to the auditorium lobby (where students are suppose to wait before school) and gave up. LOL, don’t pity me, I think it is hilarious! Plus I was able to catch up on reading a novel that I have to finish for tomorrow’s English class.